The Flek Glass company was founded in 1989 by Josef Flek jr.and his father Josefem Flekem. In the period the historical glass replicas manufacture hadn´t been known so much yet and the company owner wanted to offer his customers something else. The studio was founded in a family house in Nový Bor, an important glass manufacturing centre. It included a small studio furnace with one pot for 40 kgs of glass mass and one annealing kiln. Under these conditions the manufacture runs until now, naturally with certain innovations and development. The production has been environmentaly friendly as utility glass cullet is used for melting, coloured with either brown or green bottles commonly used used for beverages. Similarly to the production also boxes including our glass conform to environmental standards.

The glassworks is a family enterprise from the very beginning. The company is managed by the owner´s spouse Eva Fleková and the complete manufacture is provided by Josef Flek jr., who works in the hotshop with an employee. Among first customers there are especially museums and galleries in our country and in Slovakia. Later on, we started to export our products to the Netherlands, Sweden, France, Germany, the Great Britain, Switzerland and Denmark. Within the time our glass crossed the European borders and reached Japanese, American, South African and Australian markets. The most popular products both in our country and abroad became first of all kuttrolfs, roemers, angsters, large jugs and decanters.